Oni Hunter

959 Gameplays
If you fail to kill all enemies in a given level, press “R” to restart it. You’re a futuristic ninja employed to annihilate a demon organization in Neo-Tokyo; your opponents are well prepared and are ready to destroy you. You’ll have to clean every floor in one strike or you’ll be detected! To destroy the demon organisation you’ll have to defeat the BOSS who’s enjoying his life on the last floor of the building. Go, hunter, destroy those idiots! Game design, programming: Nicolas Ceriani Game art: Alexandre Villiers-Moriamé, Antoine Destailleurs Sound design: Guilhem D’Humières
  1. Right click to enter in “Ghost Strike” mode.
  2. Left click to target your dashing destinations.
  3. Keep one target to reach the elevator and access the next floor.
  4. Right Click to Strike!
Press “R” to restart the stage if you fail to kill all enemies. ENEMIES:
  • The Blind One, he can’t detect you. Easy target.
  • The Agent, he can detect you and alert everyone if you dash through his sight.
  • The Tank, you’ll have to break his armor or you won’t be able to kill him.
  • The BOSS, who can change position after taking a hit!
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